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COVID-19 and Weighted Blankets

Posted by Teresa Chandler on

COVID-19 and Weighted Blankets


We're currently about a week into "social distancing" measures throughout much of the United States, and it's been a learning experience for many of us. Anxiety is sky-high, and sleepless nights are common. It's hard to relax when you're worried about the news cycle, the health of your family, your job and your finances all at once.

The solutions that we tend to rely on in stressful situations are often destroyed by this call for social distancing. Right now, we can't get out and see your friends, go to church, or even eat a meal out. Parents are trying to entertain bored children who don't understand what's going on and just want to see their friends. It's no wonder that mental health issues are a huge concern right now. 

One simple solution for the days ahead is to pull out a weighted blanket. The calming weight helps make up for the physical touch that you're missing. Wrapping up in a weighted blanket gives many a sense of safety and calm in minutes. 

Weighted blankets help our bodies to regulate and get back to normal. The Deep Touch Stimulation signals safety to your body, allowing cortisol (a stress hormone) levels to go down. Your body amps up production of both serotonin, a feel-good hormone, and melatonin, the hormone that responds to darkness so you fall asleep.

Right now, there's not a lot we can do to take control of our situation. A TRUBlanket is a great solution to have in your toolbox to help you relax.  


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