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Non-Slip Mattress Grip Pad

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Is there a monster under your bed?

Has your bed turned into a monster? Does it shift during the night? Does the gap between the bed and the headboard swallow up pillows whole? Or does it gradually creep off of the box springs, like it was trying to squirm out from under you?


Win back your bed

TRU Lite Grip Pads can be trimmed for a variety of needs. They can be used to keep your mattress in place, sheets, toppers or even rugs from moving around on you.

Not only is it frustrating to reposition a mattress or a topper every night, these annoyances can add disturbances to your restful sleep, which can leave you feeling groggy, irritable, and not as chipper all day long. Who’s the monster now? Win back your restful sleep with a grip pad today.



  • KEEPS MATTRESSES, RUGS IN PLACE - If you are fed up with your mattress moving or sliding, then SKY Bedding's non slip mattress grip pad is the solution. Designed for maximum effectiveness, it will keep your mattress and bedding firmly in place at all times.
  • GET A GREAT NIGHT'S SLEEP - There are few things more important to our health than a good night's sleep. You can't get that if your sheets, topper and mattress move and disturb your slumber. Now with your new non slip pad keeping everything in place, you can get the restful night's sleep you deserve.
  • WORKS FOR PLATFORM BEDS, FUTONS, SOFAS, RUGS - SKY Bedding's non slip mattress pad is suitable for use on all box or platform beds. It can also be used for futons, sofas, or chairs with cushions that move or slide, and to keep rugs or mats from sliding.
  • EASY AND SIMPLE TO FIT - Your new non slip mattress pad is simple and easy to fit. Simply lift your mattress, place the pad on to your bed's platform, and put your mattress back on top. Making your bed will be much easier each morning, too.
  • CAN BE TRIMMED TO CUSTOM SIZES - SKY Bedding's non slip pads come in a choice of sizes to fit standard bed and mattress dimensions. However, if you need to customize the size, they can be easily trimmed to fit non-standard bed, rug or furniture sizes. 



TRU Lite Bedding is a family-owned company dedicated to improving the lives of our customers. We’re committed to helping everyone get their best night’s sleep at an affordable price. After your home and your car, your mattress is most people’s most expensive investment. Your sleep quality depends on protecting that investment. Quality mattress protection can extend the life and usefulness of your mattress, as well as providing you with the ability to get a comfortable night’s sleep, night after night, month after month, year after year.

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Does A Great Job Keeping the Mattress Topper in Place

"I really like how this mattress grip will keep a topper in place without hassle. The mattress topper kept inching forward, which would leave a gap at the headboard, and pillows would fall in the hole and it was just such a pain! I tried everything, but this did just what I needed it to do."

This Is Just What I Needed!

"I had serious trouble with my foam mattress sliding all over, and then I placed this product on the base. Weirdly enough, It worked so well that I had trouble getting the mattress in place! It's great though. I love that it does exactly what I need it to do!"

Does Just What You Expect It to Do

"So, we have a king-sized airbed mattress, and it's not budged an inch since we put this underneath. I would have to push it back in place every single morning. Now I can even sit in bed without a bunch of pillows behind me because my mattress scooted. I'm so pleased that this product did exactly what the manufacturer advertised."

This Really Works!

"I've really struggled with memory foam sliding off of my mattress all the time, and was at my wit's end to prevent this from happening. I couldn't find anything that worked until I discovered this product. Still, I even thought that it wasn't going to work, but I was so wrong! The memory foam doesn't budge now. It was such a easy and effective solution to a very frustrating problem."