Sky Bedding has changed its name to TRU Lite

$ 16.99 $ 59.99

100% waterproof terrycloth cover that keeps your mattress from getting “funky.” Keep allergens, dirt, dust mites, and bodily fluids out of your mattress!

$ 14.99 $ 69.99

100% waterproof smooth cover protects your mattress from all the things that can make it gross – dust mites, bacteria, sweat, urine, and more.

As cute as they are

babies seem to be continually making messes. From spit-ups, to diapers, and non-stop drool. 

Not only are their messes oftentimes unsanitary, they can attract disgusting little creepy-crawly things like dust mites and even bed bugs. 

TRU Lite Crib Mattress Protectors make it incredibly easy to keep your baby's crib clean, and sanitary at all times. 

They are 100% waterproof and are noise free, so that your baby can sleep clean and comfortable all through the night.