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Non-Slip Mat for Area Rugs - Indoor Rug Gripper - Non-Skid Washable Area Rug Pad - Use on all Floors to Prevent Injury - Hold Rugs, Mats, Carpets, Furniture in Place - Trim to fit any Size

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  • ANCHOR RUGS IN PLACE - Non-Slip Rug Pad for all surfaces - Wood, Hardwood, Bamboo, Laminate, Linoleum, Cork, Ceramic, Tile, Stone, and Vinyl floors.
  • PREVENTS INJURY - Anti-skid protection for your rugs helps prevent slips and falls caused by sliding carpets. Mesh rubber PVC grips both flooring and rug gently and safely.
  • TRIM FOR ANY SIZE - Anti-slip pad can easily be cut with scissors to fit any size or application, including kitchen mats and hallway runners.
  • PROTECTS YOUR FLOOR - Prevents scratching on floor finishes by padding the area under furniture. Creates a non skid area without damaging adhesive grippers.
  • EXTENDS LIFE OF YOUR RUGS - Reduces wrinkling and wear and tear even on expensive Oriental carpet. Non-skid grip keeps your area rug in place. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Protect Your Rugs. Protect Your Floor.

Your rug is there to make the room look better and to protect your flooring, but what happens when your rug slides around all over the floor? People trip and fall, the floor gets scratched, and your rug wears out. It can be difficult to vacuum, sucking up into the machine instead of staying in place on the floor. But our non-slip rug grip pad helps your rug or mat do exactly it was meant to! The rubberized, non-slip mesh has a strong grip holds your rug in place.

Your home will be safer because your rugs are much less likely to slip. They're great for stubborn rugs that seem to always be moving in kitchens, entryways, and playrooms. You won't have to constantly be moving your rug back in place.

Your rugs and mats will also last longer, because they don't get the wear and tear of slipping and sliding around. When they stay in place, vacuuming is a breeze! That means they'll stay cleaner and look better. 

This indoor rug pad also gives an extra layer of cushioning, providing more comfort underfoot. That makes them perfect for any place with heavy foot traffic. 

The open weave allows for maximum airflow. This is important because it helps to protect your floor from moisture that can cause mildew or warping. It also helps to keep both your rug and non-slip grip pad from sticking to the floor, damaging it.

Our rug pads are easy to care for, too. Simply hand wash and air dry! This lightweight rug pad is available in 6 versatile sizes that fit virtually any rug. And if you need to customize, they're equally easy to trim to fit. Just use a pair of scissors to trim to exactly the dimensions you want.


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It works

This was purchased to go under a Plastic chair mat that was slipping on my tile floor. I trimmed it to size, and the mat isn't budging!

Tru-ly not gripping your rug...

Duct tape works better.

What a relief. Problem solved

So glad this problem has been solved. My hardwood floors would become a skate rink after waxing. It was quite unsafe. I finally got sick of it and bought these to help out. No more skating, but the rugs are staying in place! I have 6 rugs, and this works for all of them. I took all the rugs to a place to lay them out, unfolded the gripper pad, and played cut-out dolls. I did give it two inches of room so they woldn't show. You can measure if you wish, but it was easy to wing it. All that was left was to place it down. Great quality, and easy to trim with any scissors.

Definitely more than a two man job!

Not super thick which I'd hoped for. My rug is 7x10, and we had difficulty getting it straight. Even once we got it down, it wasn't straight, and we had to cut a lot off so it wouldn't show. It does keep the rug from moving at all, and since I use a walker, that's a big deal. Thankful for the safety. Quite happy for the price.


I was quoted an astronomical $63 when I had my rug bound. This was a steal, and my huge dog can't make the rug slip anymore.