Why Mattress Protectors?

How do you know if your mattress has “The Funk”?

Your mattress might not be yellowing, wearing, stained, or starting to look tattered and worn. It might even be new.

But, did you know that over the course of a year, one person will produce over 5 gallons of sweat, 1/2 lb. of dead skin and 1/4 cup of oils while sleeping in a bed?

Some of that makes it's way down into your mattress, where it is trapped forever.

What is worse is that all of that funk provides a smorgasbord for nasty little creepy crawly things, like dust mites, bed bugs, and bacteria. Yuck!

Unless you are some kind of wizard, you probably can't shrink your mattress down into something that will fit into your washing machine. It is extremely difficult to really clean a mattress without voiding the warranty. So, what do you do?

Wouldn’t it be great if…?

What if you lived in a world where you could let puppies romp all over your bed whenever you wanted?

What if you were not terrified of someone getting sick, or wetting the bed, and destroying one of your mattresses?

What if you could stay up late watching Netflix in bed, while sipping on a beverage without being overly concerned about a spill ruining your TV marathon?

What if someone told you that you could do all of this, and also protect yourself from allergens and dust mites? That you would also sleep better. Not only because you knew your mattress was protected, but you wouldn’t wake up sneezing, having trouble breathing, or with itchy eyes from all of the allergens in your mattress?


What if you could have all of this protection, for a price less than you can buy a pillow? You can, and no, I'm not Marty McFly, and I did not just arrive from the future.

TRU Lite Mattress Protectors are waterproof and can protect your bed from dust mites and allergens. Encasements are a full zippered enclosures that provide the same protection and will also prevent bed bugs. 

All TRU Lite mattress protectors can be easily removed, and safely washed to keep your mattress fresh and clean for years.

TRU Lite Mattress Protectors are available in all popular bed sizes and are offered in two styles: Premium Terry and Premium Smooth. 

Premium Terry has a top layer that has terry cloth material similar to a towel. They are absorbent, with a waterproof under layer that is not crinkly or crunchy. They are also breathable, to keep you cool and comfortable during the night. 

Premium Smooth Mattress Protectors offer the same noisy-free, comfortable, waterproof protection, but without a layer of terry cloth. 

TRU Lite Bed Pads are extremely absorbent for situations where there is incontinence or bed wetting. They will easily hold up to 8 cups of water. They are designed to lay on top of the sheets to absorb any liquids, and can easily be removed and cleaned. They are best when used along with a mattress protector for extra protection. 


  • Fits nearly every mattress type of mattress.
  • Doesn’t slip off or slide around.
  • YOUR MATTRESS STAYS DRY AND CLEAN - No more constant deep cleaning. Our hypoallergenic mattress protector protects your mattress from stains and smells from food, drinks, kids, and pets!
  • EASILY SLIPS ONTO YOUR BED, A SNAP TO WASH - Our machine-washable bed cover will fit your mattress, no matter what size. No more fussing around with bunching, sliding mattress protectors that don't fit properly.
  • SAVE MONEY BY PROTECTING YOUR MATTRESS - You will save money with our waterproof mattress protector, because your mattress will last longer and stay comfortable longer. Fulfills your manufacturer's warranty protection requirements.
  • REDUCES ALLERGIC REACTIONS - You'll sleep much more soundly if you aren't being exposed to allergens and germs. No more waking up with sneezing, trouble breathing, or itchy eyes. Contains no phthalates, vinyl or PVC's.
  • NO NOISY OR CRINKLY SOUNDS - Your sleep will be restful and undisturbed on our thin, cool mattress cover that will not change the feel of your mattress.

Don’t take our word for it

We are constantly hearing back from customers how much they enjoy their mattress protectors. Freida says:

 I no longer wake up with puffy eyes and a headache since I put this mattress cover on. This mattress protector seems like it will last many years. If you are allergic to dust, I highly recommend this mattress protector.

We began to notice something

We have been in the mattress business for years. We started to notice a disturbing trend. People were putting down hard-earned cash for a wonderful new mattress. A few short years later, they were back shopping for a new mattress, because their old one had become ruined because it wasn’t protected. Many of the protectors that are available were too expensive, didn’t last, or were crinkly, noisy and pretty much just awful. That’s when we began to develop our own protectors. We wanted to offer an alternative that was waterproof, wasn’t noisy, protects you from allergens and dust mites, and satisfied the requirements for your mattress warranties.