Bamboo Crib Mattress Protector

$ 34.99 $ 24.99
Bamboo Crib Mattress Protector
Bamboo Crib Mattress Protector
Bamboo Crib Mattress Protector
Bamboo Crib Mattress Protector

Bamboo Crib Mattress Protector

$ 34.99 $ 24.99
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  • ULTRA SOFT BAMBOO TERRY FABRIC - Super soft sleeping surface for your baby. Our bamboo terry is so soft that it can be slept on directly, no need for sheets. Use the money you would spend on sheets on buying two, and always have one clean and ready.
  • PROTECTS YOUR BABY AND MATTRESS - Our waterproof hypoallergenic crib mattress cover protects your baby and mattress from stains and smells from leaky bottles, spills, and accidents. Our bamboo pads are super absorbent to soak up liquids. Keeps your infant dry.
  • REDUCES ALLERGIC REACTIONS - Non-Toxic and Hypoallergenic. Your baby will sleep much more soundly if they aren't being exposed to allergens and germs. No more waking up with sneezing, troubled breathing, or itchy eyes. We use materials that are free from BPA, phthalates, latex, vinyl, PVC, flame retardants, or other harmful chemicals.
  • NO NOISY OR CRINKLY SOUNDS - Easy to Use. Your baby's sleep will be restful and undisturbed on our soft breathable mattress pad. Easily slips onto the crib mattress. Our machine washable mattress pad is easy to clean and put on, just like a fitted sheet. No more fussing with the corners as it fits perfectly.
  • NO HASSLE - Lifetime warranty. Save money as our mattress protector is durable and designed to last.


Accidents, leaky diapers, spilled bottles all go right into the mattress and create a perfect breeding ground for mold, dust mites, and GUNK!
  • Do you want to protect your infant from being exposed to a dirty mattress and allergens?
  • Do you want a soft clean surface for your baby to sleep peacefully on?
  • Are you tired of wrestling with plastic sheets?
  • Do you want your baby to stay alseep and not be woken up by loud crinkly noises?
Introducing TRU Lite Baby's Crib Mattress Protector Pad

The Softest Bamboo Rayon Fiber in Quilted Terry - Featuring superior comfort, high absorbency and stain protection for your crib.

You Will Love the Following:
The TRU Lite Baby's Bamboo Rayon Fiber Crib Mattress Protector is a must-have accessory for Moms. There are multiple benefits of our crib mattress protector:
  • Super Soft Surface - you don't even need a sheet.
  • Highly Absorbant, Durable, Breathable, and Waterproof
  • Easy to Wash - Machine wash on cold seperately, Put in the dryer on low heat.
  • CAUTION: High dryer temperatures will damage the waterproof layer
  • Fits like a fitted sheet - Easy to put on the crib mattress (52" long x 28" wide x 6" deep)

TRU Lite Baby's Bamboo Rayon Fiber Crib Mattress Protector is backed with a Lifetime Satisfaction no-hassle FREE replacement guarantee.


Coming Soon!

Why Buy From Us

TRU Lite Bedding is a family-owned company dedicated to improving the lives of our customers. We’re committed to helping everyone get their best night’s sleep at an affordable price. After your home and your car, your mattress is most people’s most expensive investment. Your sleep quality depends on protecting that investment. Quality mattress protection can extend the life and usefulness of your mattress, as well as providing you with the ability to get a comfortable night’s sleep, night after night, month after month, year after year.


Love the TRUBlanket

We got our TRUBlanket and absolutely love the cover with the word Happiness! This weighted blanket is so cozy and helps me sleep deeper than I have in a long time. The quality is amazing and I love the box it came in. This feels like something I would buy at Nordstroms.

Alice M.
Excellent protection!!

Our twin toddlers have jumped on, drooled on & vomited, spilled all types of beverages and leaked through their diapers on our bed. My husband also sweats a lot. There is not one stain or any trace of trapped odor on our expensive mattress. And, after all the tumbling and jumping from the kids and a few machine washes, there are no tears, holes, stretching or other defects.

A. M-K
Great Quality!!!

I used this bag in my recent move. I bought one for each of the beds I have and they worked perfectly. Both of my beds are thick with a pillow-too and these still fit very well. The plastic is thick enough to hold up from the abuse of movers. They are worth the price. Don't buy cheap mattress bags to protect your investment while moving or storage.

Robby Tee

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews

Smooth and soft


My child had allergy attacks and asthma issues most nights before this cover. Once I got this cover, her nighttime issues stopped as soon as I started using it. Super soft, makes no noise.


I thought this was deep and pillowy, but it seems like other waterproof mattress covers to me. I would have bought a cheaper one if I had realized. It fits find on a standard sized mattress. It washes in the machine and dries safely.


My sister got this as a gift, and I asked her how she liked it. She said it works just fine, to give it 4 stars because she doesn't believe anything is so great as to get 5 stars. So there you have it.

Bobbie D.
Baby Is Comfy Now!

"I'm trying to train my 6mo to sleep alone, and this mattress cover is really helping! It's nice and soft, and it seems to remind him of our bed."