Extra Strong Non-Slip Rug Grip Mat

$ 12.99
Extra Strong Non-Slip Rug Grip Mat
Extra Strong Non-Slip Rug Grip Mat
Extra Strong Non-Slip Rug Grip Mat
Extra Strong Non-Slip Rug Grip Mat
Extra Strong Non-Slip Rug Grip Mat
Extra Strong Non-Slip Rug Grip Mat
Extra Strong Non-Slip Rug Grip Mat

Extra Strong Non-Slip Rug Grip Mat

$ 12.99
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  • ANCHOR RUGS IN PLACE - Heavy-duty grip works for all surfaces - Wood, Hardwood, Bamboo, Laminate, Linoleum, Cork, Ceramic, Tile, Stone, and Vinyl floors. Perfect for keeping furniture and other items secure on your floor.
  • PREVENTS INJURY - Anti-skid protection for your carpets to help prevent slip and fall issues. Mesh rubber PVC holds both flooring and rug gently and safely. No more tripping over wrinkled mats that don't stay in place.
  • TRIM FOR ANY SIZE - Anti-slip pad can easily be cut with scissors to fit any size or application, including kitchen mats, hallway runners, or even for lining drawers and shelves.
  • PROTECTS YOUR FLOOR - Prevents scratching on floor finishes by padding the area under furniture. Creates a nonskid area without adhesive that can damage the wood or finish on your flooring.
  • EXTENDS LIFE OF YOUR RUGS - Reduces wrinkling and wear and tear even on expensive Oriental carpets. Non-skid grip keeps your area rug in place. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Protect Your Rugs, Floor, and Family. 

Your rug covers your floor and keeps it clean and free from scratches and wear and tear. If your carpet, mat, or rug slips or slides, it's not doing its full job. You don't want anyone to rip and fall, your hardwoods to get scratched, or your rug to get damaged. A sliding rug can be hard to vacuum. But our nonskid rug grip pad helps your rug or mat do exactly it was meant to - protect your floors.

The rubberized, non-slip mesh has a strong grip holds your rug in place. This extra-strength grip is a remarkable 350 gsm, which means it will hold even the heaviest rugs or furniture in place.

Your home will be safer when your rugs don't slip. They're great for stubborn rugs that seem to always be moving in kitchens, entryways, and playrooms. You won't have to constantly be moving your rug back in place.Your rugs and mats will also last longer. When they stay in place, vacuuming is a breeze! That means they'll stay cleaner and look better.

This indoor rug pad also gives an extra layer of cushioning, providing more comfort underfoot. That makes them perfect for any place with heavy foot traffic.

The open weave allows for maximum airflow. This is important because it helps to protect your floor from moisture that can cause mildew or warping. That helps your rug and non-slip grip pad to keep from sticking to the floor.

To care for your extra strength grip pad, hand wash and air dry! If you need to customize, they're easy to trim to fit. Just use a pair of scissors to trim to exactly the size you want.


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Why Buy From Us

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
This Was A Perfect Fit!

"This does exactly what I wanted! It fit just right, and it arrived in a timely manner."

Really Great Product, And A Good Rug Cushion!

"I was happy to see that this rug grip kept my room rug from moving all over the place, and curling up. It even provide a bit of cushion! "

Quick and Simple Installation!

"This product keeps my carpet from moving around on my hardwoods. It was easy to install, and there's no adhesive, so my hardwoods aren't damaged!"

Kathleen Conradt
Outstanding Product!

"I'm so pleased with this non-slip mat! I planned to used this under a big area rug, on ceramic tile. The rug doesn't move at all! I was happy to see how easy the mat was to trim, and I (bonus) I used the trimmed edges for holding other things around the house, like my cutlery tray! It doesn't slide around whenever I have to open or close the drawer."