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Non-Slip Mat for Area Rugs

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Our non-slip mat for area rugs protects your floor, makes your area rugs last longer, makes vacuuming easier. Hand washable, air-dry and lightweight rug pad is available in 6 versatile sizes that fit virtually any rug. This Rug Pad has an extra grip that holds any size of the rug. This rug gripper improves safety by minimizing slippage. Maintaining your area rugs is easier because this holds the rug to the floor while you vacuum. This indoor rug pad also gives an extra layer of cushioning, providing more comfort underfoot. Great for stubborn rugs in kitchens, entryways, and playrooms, non-slip grips will save you many frustrating rug adjustments.

• Keeps your Rugs in Place : Non-Slip Rug Pad for all surfaces - Wood, Hardwood, Bamboo, Laminate, Linoleum, Cork, Ceramic Tile, Stone and Vinyl floor's anti-slip protection for your rugs.

• Prevents Injury - Help prevents slips and falls.

• Trim for any Size - TRU Lite Non-Slip Grip pad can easily be cut with scissors to fit any size or application.

• Protects your Floor - Prevents scratching on floor finishes.

• Extends Life of Your Rugs - Reduces Wrinkling in rugs - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


TRU Lite Bedding is a family-owned company dedicated to improving the lives of our customers. We’re committed to helping everyone get their best night’s sleep at an affordable price. After your home and your car, your mattress is most people’s most expensive investment. Your sleep quality depends on protecting that investment. Quality mattress protection can extend the life and usefulness of your mattress, as well as providing you with the ability to get a comfortable night’s sleep, night after night, month after month, year after year.

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You Can Use It for Couch Cushions Too!

"We actually purchased the product for our couch. Our cushions kept sliding out and we kept having to fix them almost every day- it was such a hassle! After a bit of research, we figured that we could use a rug grip to correct the problem, and it actually works! We only have to adjust the couch about every month, so it works really well! This was an a great help. "

Good Price and Quick Shipping!

"I specifically purchased this product because I could cut it to size. I did so, and it hold my rug securely. It was a great value, and it arriveed quickly. I will purchase from this company again."

Just What I Was Looking For!

"I am happy to report that this product holds my rug in place on my hardwoods. The rug had been slipping for months, and so I finally just picked this up. Even though I had a small issue, their customer service was top-notch. I greatly recommend this product!"

Non-Adhesive Indoor Non-Slip Rug Pad.

"Oh, I love this so much. I did have to trim it, but that was for an oval braided rug. It kept slipping all over the place everytime I walked across it. This was in a business - the Santa's Texas Workshop, and I sure didn't want a customer falling down because of our rug! The non slip pad works great! It doesn't move at all now. The best thing is that this isn't actually adhesive, so my rug hasn't been damaged. I can do proper maintence whenever the rug needs it. It's great!"